UCI Center for Black Cultures, Resources, & Research (CBCRR)

CBCRR Professional Staff and Apprentice Directors

Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Àdísà Àjàmú, Director

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Àdisà Àjàmú is the founding Director of the Center for Black Cultures, Resources & Research (CBCRR) at the University of California, Irvine. he has worked nationally and internationally in the global and public health arenas. Among his varied interest, Adisa has a special interest in the social, ethnic and cultural relativity of social science; African and Latin American literature, art and history; systems theory; African psychological perspectives; African and Afri-diasporan spiritual systems, and Atlantic World Studies and HIV/AIDS intervention and prevention in West and Southern Africa.  

From 2007-2011 he served as the founding architect for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency’s Minority Fellowship Program (SAMHSA/MFP), where he was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the Minority Fellowship Program, a doctoral training program for ethnic minority Marriage and Family Therapists. Àdisà has served a scholar in residence at San Francisco State University and Virginia Commonwealth University, as an educational consultant for the State of California at the Center for Applied Cultural Studies and Educational Achievement at San Francisco State University and as the Frantz Fanon Research Fellow at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture. He is the founding and current editor of Àsę, online blog for Association of Black Psychologists.

He is the co-author of two books on African American psychology with Thomas Parham and Joseph White, The Psychology of Blacks: an African Centered Perspective (1999) and the fourth edition of The Psychology of Blacks: Centering our perspectives in the African consciousness (2010). He was a contributing author to the seminal ASCAC World History Project as well as Black Psychology edited by Reginald Jones. He has published numerous scholarly essays, articles, book reviews and book chapters on African and African American life and culture.

Niobe Duke, Program Coordinator

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Niobe Duke is a recent alumnus of UCI, Class of 2018 with in a B.A. Business and Economics. Among her many roles as a student leader on campus she has served in the following capacities: Special Assistant for Financial Affairs at the Center for Black Cultures, Resources and Research at UC Irvine; Outreach Student Coordinator for SOAR at UC Irvine; and IRISE Student Coordinator at UC Irvine. Niobe brings a breadth and depth of student service and student programming experience to her role as program coordinator for the center.

Apprentice Directors

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Talia Green

Apprentice Director, Communications 


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Joshua Isaiah-Cinque Scruggs

Apprentice Director, Community Support and Safety


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Byron Glenn Mobley II

Apprentice Director, Health, Vitality and Wellness


Picture of Niobe

Niobe Duke

Special Assistant, Financial Affairs and Entrepreneurship


Picture of Shirleen

Shirleen Achieng

CBCRR Community Resilience Fellow


Picture of Shronda

Shronda L. Davis-Maxie

Apprentice Director, Community Resource Development


Image of Gabby

Gabrielle Arelis Vendryes

Apprentice Director, Community Outreach



Picture of Tjah Mari

Tjah'Mari Ducloux

Apprentice Director,

Applied Innovations


Picture of Jordan Keligond

Jordan A. Keligond

Ambassador for LGBTQ Affairs